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  1. Your story is soooooooooo much like mine! The difference is that you are stronger than me….. you decided to give your marriage one more chance, when I didn’t.

    • I wouldn’t give a second chance bc to me the man I use to know is gone and some “player” lack for better terms replaced him. So if this was my husband I would act and grieve as if he were dead bc I am the type I would never look back. And if I gave a sec chance it would be only to make his life hell not that I wanted to stay!

  2. Your blogs are truly inspirational. I went thru a separation with my husband and it nearly killed me. My separation made me have an one on one relationship with God. In the early mornings when Noone to talk to I only could call on the name of Jesus. Your blogs are everything that I did concerning my marriage. I always told my prayer warriors God didn’t tell me to give up on my husband. It was a storm that I had to go thru to get me to where I am today. My husband is still a work in progress but I know is all in Gods timing. I feel like this is our testimony and we will minister to others as you are. Please post for marriage retreats.

    • Thank you for sharing your testimony with me! May God continue to bless your marriage and work on your husband’s heart.

  3. What if ur spouse has married the ow? I have been standing a long lonely while. Ive even lost my children dur to my beliefs and stand….

    Maybe i just wanted this so bad that wht I thought god said was just me and mot gods will…

    • If your spouse has married the other woman then I believe it’s time to move on. I’m so sorry that has happened to you but just know that God still has a plan for your life. Your husband made the wrong choice and I believe all sin has consequences.

  4. So, I’ll jump right in. I saw your page as a recommend via @marriagemelody on twitter. Keeping in mind I have several accounts because I own quite a bit. Which is partly why my husband divorced me and married wife #4 the number isn’t the problem or question. I grew tired of him wanting me to make a decision to sign the papers or come home. (There’s certainly more to that story.) Within a year after our divorce I was blessed increasingly and one of the things I struggled with the most was, having a marriage ministry but no marriage. Time grew and so did I. Not looking for nor desiring to be in a relationship of course someone comes a long and breathes a whole new breath of life into me. I’d say repeatedly, “I’m broken.” And his reply would be 😏, “You’re not broken. If you are I want all the pieces.” So I began again to move a lot faster with my business, reassuring my faith that, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” See what I have not shared is my ex-husband told me just before I signed and mailed the papers to him, “you exhaust me.” For a woman that’s never been broken. That did it. All I ever wanted and desired for our marriage is to be a better helpmate and for the merchant ships for me being the virtuous wife to come in. Well now they are here and here I am. If you would especially after watching your periscope, “where is your faith?” Consider partnering with me to help carry out the task of marriage, faith, community and ministry, I’d be forever grateful. I have the tools & resources, I just don’t have the help. Every marriage strong or weak need time to reconnect and refuel so they can continue to effectively communicate to one another. I look forward to an email from you and I surely bless God for our obedience, you for being transparent and for me watching and actively listening. Only God knows why I could chat during the sessions. Faith. Marriage. Ministry.

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